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Residence Visa (RS)

Residence Visa (RS)

Residence Visa (RS)

Corcons Associates offers many years of practical experience and proven success in all immigration procedures (visa, residence, nationality, etc.) a complete understanding and hands-on experience in dealing with rules and regulations.

Save time and money today! Following up Visa and Residence Permit procedures can be costly and time consuming. We look forward to assisting you in making the right decision of changing your life and empowering your future.

All foreign nationals looking to remain in the country longer than sixty days and obtain legal status, must complete a two part residence process. The first step is to obtain a RESIDENCE VISA via the Dominican Consulate in the country of origin which is stamped onto the passport prior traveling to the D.R. Once the residence visa is issued, the foreign national will have sixty days to enter the country and start the second part of the residence process, Provisional Residence.

There are two ways we can process your Residence Visa (RS):
1) From your home country: We can process the residence visa before your arrival to the country so that same is approved and stamped onto your passport before you travel.
2) From the Dominican Republic: You can apply for your Visa Residence immediately, we can work with you virtually or in person.

Please send to us these requirements for the visa and provisional residence:

Documentation we will provide for you

Step by step process for residence visa

Interested? Please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our lawyers, notaries, consultants, and judicial interpreters are at your complete service.

Other Services and Additional information:

Other services (translator, opening bank accounts, Dominican drivers license, personal Spanish lessons, real estate escort, Dominican citizenship and Passport consultations, etc.) are all available upon request.

The Dominican government also permits dual citizenship, so you will not have to renounce your current passport in the process.

Corcons is not only a awesome immigration assistance.

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