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PGP Encryption

Corcons Associates uses PGP encryption - protecting privacy with key pairs

Even though today a considerable amount of Internet communication takes place via text messages in social networks and instant messengers, e-mail is still indispensable. Especially when it comes to confidential content such as contract details, bank details, etc., understandably e-mail rather than chat systems are used.

Criminals who want to spy on sensitive user data, but also secret services in search of useful information benefit from plain text messages. So that no unauthorized person can read the content of your mails, you should absolutely encrypt your e-mails.

PGP encryption is an excellent way to protect information and encrypt the contents of your e-mail. Originally, the term PGP - an abbreviation for "Pretty Good Privacy" - was used for email encryption software developed in 1991 by Phil Zimmermann. Over the years, however, the name has become generally accepted as the name of the encryption method used by this software.

PGP encryption is based on a public-key method in which one uses a dedicated key pair consisting of a public and a private key. The public key is made freely available to potential mail contacts by sending it directly or by uploading it to an external key server. With this key, your contacts encrypt all the electronic messages they send you. The private key is solely in your possession and usually additionally password protected. With its help you decrypt received mails, which were previously coded with the public key. In order for you to be able to communicate securely in this way, your communication partner must also use PGP and communicate its public key to you. The public-key method is also called an asymmetric method because both parties use different keys. Signatures also guarantee the authenticity of your messages.
Many users believe that they already exchange encrypted emails with their contacts via SSL / TLS certificates - but that's only half the story. By using SSL / TLS certificates, only the transmission path of the electronic messages is coded. This has the disadvantage that they can be intercepted by third parties in the meantime and read in plain text.

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